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Alan Grant returns???

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Back in 2001, Sam Neill (Alan Grant) told reporters that since both author Michael Crighton and effects guru Stan Winston died, he thought Jurassic Park had simply come to an end, and that, in retrospect, he did not envision his involvement in another movie. Now here we are; who wants Alan Grant for Jurassic Park IV? Obviously, best case scenario Sam Neill reprises the role. Do fans want Dr. Grant back? If so, how do you see him returning to Jurassic Park? He said himself in Jurassic Park III that there was no way "on Heaven or earth that could get him back on that island". Thoughts?

Either way, you probably won`t get off this island alive.

29 Replies


it just wouldn't be the same with out him and if you were gonna cut him from his role youd have to make the paleontogist who takes his role his child or close relative (or tim)

as to get to the island how about lexs plane crashes over top of the island chain and shes cast away to isla nublar where the dinosaurs have survived in caves. shes hunted arcoss the island

so and so

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If this new trilogy wants to have any sort of steam, the influence of the past needs to be minimal. IMO none of the original cast should be going to any inGen infested dino isles. There is no logical reason for them to go there.

JP3 showed Grant return only due to dubious amounts of deceit. He thought it was an aerial tour with financing for his dig. You can bet your aces he would not fall for that trick again. They even hinted that Satler had no desire to return to that (those) islands.)

Ian made it very clear in JP2 (the movie) he had nothing but contempt for the company and its creations and only went to save his lover.

There is no way you can get those principals back on the island.

I have stated in other threads the most plausible story ideas, but have a new idea if everyone is so intent on having the originals show up.

Tim (or Lex - Lex most likely) has lived their life with terrible post traumatic stress of their experience on the island. A shrink finally decides, after years of not getting anywhere with the client, the best solution is for the person to face their fears and to return to the island for a weekend. If you wanted you could throw in Grand, Satler and Malcom in as cameos in conversation about how terribly bad that idea is, but leave them there. Long story short, and after several innocents die (presumably inGen hired security people) the characters leave the island exactly the way they arrived, this time with a new, profound appreciation for the genetic monstrosities their grandfather pioneered.


well then HOW are we going to return to the islands no ones that dumb to go there willingly

but you have to include a few original characters to it or else its just a bunch of people on an island with giant man eating lizards running after them who are there for NO REASON

so i say yes original cast more new characters and awesome plot

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Your statement is rather paltry in terms of argument. You make it seem as if the only way this movie will survive is if the original cast is on that island. Based off of the events in the movie JP universe, there is very little reason why any of the principals, or side characters, will want to visit those islands. If they are included at this point, the movies will become gimmicky and nothing more than a series like Halloween or Friday the 13th.

There are many avenues in which they can take the story, and none of them would have to have the original cast. What would be needed is the right sort of story telling to have the audience relate and care for the characters involved.

One such story could take a cue from one of the comic runs; a south american drug lord takes up residence on the old JP island and becomes the victim of an undercover operation. The viewer follows the mole, obviously, thus allowing us to connect with the character.

Another scenario could take cues from the books, and also do a throwback to JP1, by introducing InGen's corporate enemys, BioSyn, and it their characters we follow onto the island as they try to snatch dino DNA for themselves. To ensure the audience feels for the cast, one, or more, of this expedition will be on the fence about the whole operation.

Yet another scenario could burrow more from the second book and take more of a casual, observational/ biologist/ecologist direction and be a dazzle fest for the audience as a group of government sanctioned scientists (recall in JP2 the island is given a natural preserve status) go in to actually study the animals. In stead of an obvious antagonist, we can have one, or more, of the scientists do something by mistake which in turn causes the bedlam the modern movie goer will expect to see. This way all characters will be generally relatable and likeable which would make any fatality more than canon fodder syndrome.

Then there is the idea of the 5 Deaths, established in JP2 as the entire island chain in which inGen has made home of on two islands. There is a subtle line which could lead one to believe that inGen has had operations on all 5 islands and a movie could be about visiting one of these new locations with an inGen or governmental crew to discover how deeply rooted the inGen project really was, as well as its adverse affects on the local ecology.

You could even go back to the first book and do a play on the idea of dinos finding ways off of the island, but by this point in the movie verse, this would be a bit of a stretch since no one really goes to these islands.


Both of your points are well taken. In my opinion, Jurassic Park just isn't Jurassic Park without its characters. But at this point, I'd be happy to see Grant and Hammond make cameos. I have to say that Lex or Tim reprising a major role would tick me off.
Xenothinker, would Lex really be suffering her whole life with post-traumatic stress? Ellie Sattler was able to lead a normal life after her experience, and didn't cringe at speaking with Alan Grant or being reminded of dinosaurs by her son, even after being attacked by raptors and having the disembodied arm of Ray Arnold dropped on her. Would Lex really return to face her fears because of such a great fear? I feel like this plot line is more or less unrealistic.

Either way, you probably won`t get off this island alive.


I think more ideas should be uprooted from the novels more. Theres still lots of juice in the books that could be used as ammo for jpiv. Dont worry guys, the movie is gonna be epic. We got a nice new director and Spielberg even likes cherry-picking so its gonna be a good plot we just have to be patient.

We aint outta here in ten minutes, we wont need no rocket to fly through space.


I would say yes to Lex having PTS. Sattler may not have, but she is an adult. Lex (and Tim) both went through those events as children. Events would be terrifying for a child and PTS would certainly be in the realm of possibility.

Again, it was simply a plot idea to help move the story away from the main characters, as there really is no way I can imagine those people getting involved in trips to these islands. I think there are a lot of great ways they can make this movie, and these are simply a laundry list of plot ideas to help move away from the principals.

As much as I love Malcom and Grant, at this point I would prefer to see them as ancillary or cameo characters.


Ok, but again, that's twenty years that have past. Maybe dinosaur nightmares would've haunted Lex for max ten. By now, I feel that she'd have gotten over her experience. Time to move on. I understand that this is just an idea, and I respect you for it. But I think Lex and Tim had their movie, and now it's time for some new people to take the stage with the appearances of some old characters.
I agree about Grant, and really want at least a cameo for him. That would make me really happy.
I have all faith in Mr. Trevorrow and Mr. Speilberg's abilities, and I know this will be a spectacular film!

Either way, you probably won`t get off this island alive.


well has anyone put any thought to the fact of the original characters kids? (lex and tim would be arnound 30ish) they would probably be accompanied by ellies kid, Malcolm's kid kelly, grants kid, and other people who had something to do with the islands before (like roland tembo his kid could come)

<p>Dedicate your Life to something. Make that, Your driving Cause to wake up each day. Make the world a better place.</p>


Not to be rude at all, but that would make for a really cheesy plotline... Although Kelly was pretty awesome :)

Either way, you probably won`t get off this island alive.


Grant doesn't have kids.

Ellie's probably have no clue about her involvement with the island.

Kelly, first of all annoying, but why would she ever want to go back?

Tim and Lex are probably the easiest ones to try and bring to the islands, but even then it is a stretch. No, this needs to be a new cast, new story.


Yes. New cast, new story, one cameo (please from Grant), NO KIDS. Hey, Kelly is by far my favorite kid in the franchise. Then Eric, then LEx and Tim

Either way, you probably won`t get off this island alive.


well how do we know????? a lot can happen in 20 years maybe its his niece????

but if you have the children of the original cast on the island it would be interesting

<p>Dedicate your Life to something. Make that, Your driving Cause to wake up each day. Make the world a better place.</p>


we know because as of JP3 he has never married and never had kids.


WELLLL xeno chris did say the writers were going by the book and in the book (SPOILER) grant is asked by tim if he ever got married grant replied yes but his wife died a long time ago so maybe he had a kid he didn't know of or he got remarried and had a kid

<p>Dedicate your Life to something. Make that, Your driving Cause to wake up each day. Make the world a better place.</p>


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