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Jurassic Park Builder App

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You can build your own Jurassic Park by clearing forestland, buying decorations, placing dinosaurs and buildings, and get food from harbours. Like most iDevice games, you can earn two currency's, the easy kind to earn, and the hard kind you can buy.

<p>Because we shouldn't have to.</p>

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i actually can say i liked the app it is much like JPOG except its not

if we got JPOG for apple products it would take dynamite all of ingen a t rex to get me away from my i phone

but anyways the game is like any other sort of build your own (insert name here) game. dont get me wrong i like the game (level 25) but they could change some things to it


the mighty tyrannosaurus rex

like you can choose the size of the paddock or how many dinos are in the paddock in short id like it to be more like jpog

(dont have any pictures of my park yet)

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Those are great ideas. I am Lvl 18 on the game and waiting for my camarasuarus to hatch. Haven't been evolving my dinosaurs (levelling all of them up and then I will evolve some. They should make the dinosaurs that cost bucks, also cost coins (a lot of coins, maybe 1000 coins per buck) so that it is possible to get the buck dinosaurs without spending real money (haven't been using bucks either, at around 71 bucks)

<p>Because we shouldn't have to.</p>


well just for me to feed/evolve/fix/take-care-of it drains my account on it

also im lv 25 and i earn about 150 coins a day

<p>Your turn, Cheif -Robin Willaims RIP You hell of a man.&nbsp;</p>


I reallly want to get the game!!!!!!!!!!!!

They show extreme intelligence; even problem solving intelligence. Especially the big one. We bred eight originally, but when she came in, she took over the pack and killed all but two of the others.


I frickn love this game! I like the structural accuracy, however size in this game is totally off scale. It's fun for me, and I love the aquatic section too! Soooo happy they decided to add a Devonian era dunkleosteous in the game. I don't know why though, as Dunkleosteous wasa paleazoic era animal, and therefore pre-dinosaur. Love this app though!

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Ok, how did you guys get to such a high level? I have been playing since it came out and I'm only level 8. I'm broke and have no meat or plants...

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Basically just save up, buy building, activate the harbours, upgrade them, place new dinosaurs, clear land, etc. you get experience for completing stuff (missions, upgrades etc). You also get experience for the failed DNA segments when discovering/evolving dinosaurs. Hope this helped.

<p>Because we shouldn't have to.</p>


I've been playing for a month and I'm already lvl 20. What I can suggest is, just check in daily, and do something. Completing missions also earns xp, and xp levels you up. Just keep working on it

Pity is for the living. Envy is for the dead.
-Mark Twain


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