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Can T-rex swim?

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Rex Fan 684

It's almost a guarantee that dinosaurs could swim to some degree. If they could not, then they would be different than every other terrestrial animal group. But what about Tyrannosaurus? With that big body and short arms, it's tempting to say that T-rex would not be a good swimmer. However, it did have powerful legs and a strong tail. Snakes, crocodiles/alligators, and other animals are great swimmers and they do not use their front legs, or legs at all. They found a way, why not T-rex? I don't think Tyrannosaurus could swim for long distances, but I don't believe it would be totally helpless in the water. All in all, Tyrannosaurus, and it's cousins, could probably swim short distances, probably not gracefully or anything, but swimming nonetheless.


*Theropod footprints have been found that show swimming behavior.

But what do you guys think? Could T-rex swim?

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Like you said, for short distances. It wasn't going to be a better swimmer than Spinosaurs, but perhaps better than herbivores in the same time and place.

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I think the picture you used is an Allosaur, notice the 3 fingered hand?

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Perhaps. If it was built like this, it would be a relatively poor swimmer but could swim if need be
Whereas one of this incredibly fanboyish build would be too heavy to swim.

Future Team Raptor member


I bet it could. It would be a challenge, but eventually it would have to swim

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If you scale things down a bit, you will see that there is a strong similarity to a tadpole that is becoming a frog. So I think that it would be a great swimmer. Don't forget weight on land is different in water.


Rex Fan 684

I don't think the pic is a Rex either, but it's just an analogy. I think the swimming style would be similar to the one pictured.

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<p>Because we shouldn't have to.</p>


It could swim extremely poorly. Swinging its tail is the only way I can think of it to swim. A d I think the muscle to water ratio is a lot like a gator's at 80 percent muscle and 20 percent water. It is super heavy too. Maybe it could swim.

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Rex Fan 684

Don't forget, it had powerful back legs that could help propel it. I'm not saying that T-rex was an Olympic swimmer or anything, but perhaps better than what most people give it credit for.

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