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Tyrannosaurus Rex to return in Jurassic Park 4

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Chris Picard


Tyrannosaurus Rex

The undisputed king of the dinosaurs, the T-Rex has been one of if not the most popular dinosaurs ever recorded. T-Rex made an incredible appearance in the first Jurassic Park and remained the star for the sequel following it. But in Jurassic Park 3 - the unthinkable happened, our titan was killed in an odd way by a dinosaur that may have been taller and heavier, but not nearly as ferocious.


So, do you want T-Rex to come back in Jurassic Park 4 and reclaim his title as heavyweight champion of the Jurassic Park films? Share your thoughts below!

58 Replies


Hell Yes!!! But....I kinda don't want a rematch between the two. First off, I believe the T-rex was infact more powerful than the Spinosaurus, even if it was larger. Like comparing a Pit-Bull(T-rex), to a Great Dane(Spino), odds are the Pit would win.

When the T-rex lost in JP3, it cause a ****storm all over the internet. Not, all but many, many fans were outraged. I was one of those fans back in 2001 at the age of 16. It seems they "tried" to retcon this in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis by making the T-Rex defeat the Spinosaurus with a 3/5 ratio. And the Jurassic Park the Game, giving "Rexie" mutliple scenes in each chapter, as well as being the final boss. As if they were saying they were sorry, and knew they made a big mistake to the fans.

So yes, as a die-hard Tyrannosaurus Rex fan, I would loved too see her again, or even them(Male/Female), but not in a rematch, or the internet will set ablaze again with Rex fans, vs Spino fans. JP3 gave Spinosaurus his spotlight, most fans of the series wasn't feeling it. T-Rex "is" the poster-child of this series, and the "KING" must return.


Chris Picard

Well said! I agree with you. I felt the same way when I saw the fight go down in the theater. I too being a die hard Rex fan was pretty pissed and kept anticipating its return later on in the film to set the record straight, but it never happened. Its roar alone was more menacing and scary than that of the Spinosaurus. (The way the film portrayed it anyways)

I think dino battles between carnivores was always a great addition to the story line, first with the Rex vs. Raptor scene in JP1, and then again in JP3. I think they should definitely retain that feature in Jurassic Park 4 and have Rex come out on top.


Ah memories....
Seeing the T-Rex on screen for the first time in 1993 was a one of the greatest movie moments in my life.
Dinosaurs have been a large part of my life and when most people grew away from them at a certain age, I was still deeply fascinated, and will always be!

The T-Rex is considered by most people the undisputed king, a symbol of fear and terror regardless of medium.
It was the ultimate predator, so seeing a T-rex getting killed by the Spino was quite a letdown for me.
As for these dino clashes, I have no problem with that since it was probably as common as animals in our age fighting for territory to show everyone who's in charge.
But then there's the tricky part; a novel or a film must grasp the viewer with tension. So add humans and the focus and confrontation should shift towards dinos hunting humans, as we can only relate to human fear and how we react when frightened. Seeing humans getting chased by a huge hungry T-rex is scary to say the least. And that's one of the key elements of Jurassic Park, so bring back the T-Rex!
*insert trademark t-rex sound here* RAAAAAAAAWR!


Hey my friend you want a rematch with the T-Rex vs Spinosaurus....HERE IT IS :)

Xenomorph 54

I think they will use recently discovered carnivores, so, maybe T-rex won't appear...maybe he will...we don't know...

Have you heard of phoenix asteroids?
They glow in every color of the rainbow...they travel endlessly through space...


I like the Rex, but my personal faves are the raptors a d the dilos. But I'd like to see Baryonyx in this one. He'd have a killer scene there, man...

We aint outta here in ten minutes, we wont need no rocket to fly through space.


Please the King must return! The dilophosaurus should also return but as an adult.


T-REX should be in Jp4. The best!



T Rex please come back as king. KILL SPINOSAURUS!


I honestly think jurassic park 4 should be more like jurassic park 1, but it'd be so hard to do with out just making a repeat of the first one. I think that JP 3 was honestly a pretty bad and disappointing film. seemed only to be an excuse to make a dinosaur film where ppl get munched on. Just action, no story and ppl shouting "EERRRIIICCC!" all the time -.-

Anyway, i feel there should be a bit more science in the film, like trying to remake another park or salvage and rebuild on the first island, who knows? maybe they succeed...for a bit then hell breaks loose etc. but i'd really like to see more of a sciencey side to JP 4 just like in the first film.

Just dont make it a big ol' dino fight over nothing. That is why AvP was such a bad film. It was all action with a crappy story line and was made just for the fight scenes.


tyrannosaurus rex didn't get it's name for nothing or even add giganotosaurus, it is a giant, bigger then the rex and (technically) bigger then the spinosaurus, also i think they should incorporate ocean dinosaurs as well like magaladon , or even a Quadlaceptacus, biggest pterosaur in the dinosur kingdom i mean this is apparently the last jurassic park movie, why not end it with a bang!


or they could use both spinosaurus and tyrannosaurus, make it a round 2


To me JP3 was just a continuation of the series to keep it alive and to tell all of us that hey Jurassic Park is still going. Now granted I was very upset with the story line and plot. I thought it was cool that someone got trapped on the island the search rescue went on, But I mean having a upset with the Tyrannosaur losing its fight against a new guy? Come on

The trademark of this series is the Tyrannosaurus and its ferocity and ability to strike terror in you. But in JP3 I felt as they did it just to see what the fans would think.


OMG YES! Lets get one thing straght the T-REX is alot more powerful than the spinosaurus even though if he shorter. The rex is a killing machine. He could have knocked over a scysck


Heck yes. T-REX is superior in many ways his arm aren't useless and is jaws are the most powerfull o anything thats lived. In jurrasic Park 3 spinosaurus got lucky. I am not saying he wimpy but T-REX can kick his butt any day of the week. He stronger, since he shorter than spino he has a better chance at grabbing the neck so i cant wait for round two. More blood,more time, mre awesomeness! LETS GO T-REX! LETS GO!



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