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Potentially leaked Jurassic World storyboards and artwork reveal new Dinosaur?

Author: Chris Picard | Oct-30-2013 8:44 PM

Yesterday, we received word of some potential Jurassic World movie storyboards and concept artwork which was apparently stumbled upon by a few dedicated Jurassic Park fans. Now, though these images have not been officially ruled out as "official", after some further investigation, I can safely say that the artwork is somehow - in a way - linked to the Jurassic World film. More accurately, the artwork below is more likely remnants of concepts for the Jurassic World pitch trailer, which made the news rounds last month.

The following images come to us from our friends at JurassicParkIV.org, who have asked that I keep the name of the artist a secret to protect their identity. After checking out the actual source for the images, I can say that the artist was, at one point, involved with the early development of Jurassic World.

The first image, depicts a character, standing in shock as (what looks to be) a T-rex comes barging through a wall of trees in the second, right behind his fallen comrade. Very Jurassic Park-esque indeed:


Now, it is important to note that these potentially "official" storyboards probably will have zero bearing on the actual film, and instead were used as concepts for the pitch trailers, which were shown years ago to get Universal interested in re-vamping the Jurassic Park franchise in the first place. That's not to say we won't see T-rex return in Jurassic World however, as the new logo already insinuates his return.

Next up, the crew at JPIV.org uncovered another image, from the same source, which is also said to be linked to the same project the above storyboards were linked to. The image below is supposed concept artwork of what looks to be an Allosaurus. Granted, I'm no Paleontologist, but it certainly doesn't look like a Rex to me, you be the judge:


Like I said, I was hesitant to post this news, as the validity of the images shown was a bit dodgy, but after speaking to the folks who posted the find and gathering more information, I feel more comfortable promoting these pieces as at least something to do with Jurassic World - in some capacity.

Furthermore, our friends at JurassicParkIV.org also followed up today with another find, claiming that the following images could also be related to Jurassic World - however, I remain doubtful of this next one until further confirmation can be provided. Regardless, for the sake of debate and discussion, check out the following:


So what do you think? Think there's some authenticity to any of these pics? Specifically the first 3? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Regardless if these images turn out to be authentic or not, it's exciting to note that Jurassic World will begin filming in a matter of months as we enter the Winter season. So, expect some truly exciting news soon!

Thanks to JurassicParkIV.org for the news!

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Comments (14)

Mr.Happy9097 ›

Interesting. It's entirely possible that the images are legit. Still another two years. Can't wait for it to come out.

Rex Fan 684 ›

Hard to say if they're legit or not, but they're cool looking.

The third one is an allosaur of some sort, no doubt about that. But Allosaurus itself is a little small to be the new villain. Now, if they want T-rex to kill the new villain eventually, him killing an Allosaurus will be more believable and likable than if he killed, say, Spinosaurus.

noah eckeckenrode ›

The 4rth one looks like fan art to me. But, I have a good feeling about the other 3.

Sniper ›

I think that the third picture,the "allosaurus" is 80% match with the dinotopia giganotosaurus.just watch some picture from it.so i say that the first three pictureis made for dinotopia,not for JW.
and i think that the last picture is a fan art.

Aggie11 ›

The allosaurus here looks a similar to the allosaurus from the scrapped 2011 toy line. Maybe it was concept art for Hasbro?

Your text to link here...

Jurassicdidier ›

I found this today on the web!!!!!!!

Jurassic World Official Teaser leaked!

MuldoonLives ›

I think the first three are legit. Last one definitely seems like fanart, but still cool.
And to Jurassicdidier, that is fake. You really shouldn't believe everything you see...

Acrocanthosaurus-Rex ›

I'm going off Operation Genesis here, but Allosaurus doesn't seem too much smaller than Tyrannosaurus. If they did us Allosaurus in the new movie, they could portray him faster and more vicious, while Tyrannosaurus can be bigger and more powerful. That would be interesting to see.

Acrocanthosaurus-Rex ›

DinoSteve93 ›

They could be legit, althought I doubt it.

Rex Fan 684 ›

Acrocanthosaurus-Rex, here are the overall sizes of Rex and Allo(both max and lower estimates).

Rex- 40-50 ft and 8-12+ tons
Allo- 29-39 ft long and 1-5 tons

The Allosaurus from JPOG was substantially bigger and more robust than the real thing.

Acrocanthosaurus-Rex ›

Yes, I do know Allosaurus was way bigger than it should have been in JPOG. But Jurassic Park has already made dinosaurs bigger than they should be (Velociraptor), so it wouldn't be unlike the franchise to make a dinosaur like Allosaurus bigger, if they even included it at all. I will be very interested to see what happens.

indiana jones ›

thats definitly an allosaurus. maybe a ceratosaur though.

marc isorena ›

maybe it is a half t-rex and allosaurus. a hybrid dino.


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