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Jack Horner discusses the 'scary' new Dinosaur in Jurassic World

Author: Chris Picard | Nov-19-2013 3:57 PM

In the midst of all the Jurassic World casting news and rumors, we finally get some news pertaining to the actual Dinosaurs which we'll see in Jurassic Park 4. In a recent interview with Face the State, Paleontologist and 'Dino-consultant' for the last three Jurassic Park films, Jack Horner spoke briefly about the 'scary new Dinosaur' we can expect to see in Jurassic World. Now, this isn't the first time Horner has teased us with info on the new Dinosaurs we'll be exposed to in Jurassic World. Back in April of this year, Horner teased us with the announcement of a new Dinosaur so scary, that we'll "want to keep the lights on after watching this movie".

It's been a while since then, almost a full year and things on the JP4 front have certainly changed a bit. But with a new title and new script, is it possible that Jack's "scary new Dinosaur" could not have made the cut after the new development process? Apparently not. The interview below dates back to November 14th, and Horner mentions that he's read the script for Jurassic World and again, reiterates that there's a "scary new Dinosaur in it", that he thinks everyone will love. Check out the interview below, it starts at around 9:45 and the Jurassic Park discussion lasts until around 12:20. Check it out:

Unfortunately Jack doesn't reveal what the Dinosaur will actually be, but a lot of fans have their minds set on "Troodon", which was featured in Jurassic Park: The Game. Though, nobody knows for sure.

What do you think the new Dinosaur(s) will be in Jurassic World? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below, or on the newly designed Jurassic World Fan Forums!

Thanks to our friends at JurassicWorld.org for digging up this video!

Stay tuned for more Jurassic World movie news as it surfaces, right here on JurassicWorld-Movie.com!

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Comments (28)

DinoSteve93 ›

At first, seeing the pic, I thought the new dinosaur is going to be Lythronax, but then, reading the post, and seeing the video, I couldn't really tell what dinosaur it is going to appear in JW. However, I really hope it'll be the Troodon.

Mr.Happy9097 ›

I thought the same thing. As long as Rex is in the movie, I'm happy. It'll be interesting, I can't wait for the first trailer.


Coder_X ›

I think it's Mosasaurus. Troodon doesn't seem scary enough for me, also Lythronax is too similar to the T-rex to entertain moviegoers imho. :-)

Mr.Happy9097 ›

Rex dwarfed Lythronax. I doubt it would be a marine creature, Troodon could be scary, smarter than Velociraptor, nocturnal, whats not scary about that?


Rex Fan 684 ›

Troodon would be a good choice because it does not interfere with Tyrannosaurus' role as apex predator like Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, or another large theropod would. I wouldn't mind Troodon.



Give it some top quality CGI and this could be terrifying.

noah eckeckenrode ›

True, I would love to see Troodon in JW. But, wouldn't it interfere with Velociraptor's role as an intelligent, quick pack hunter?

Shinji78 ›

In previous movies have been 2 main ideas that have been evolving from movie to movie.

Bigger and Smartest



Jurassic Park starts with a T-Rex

The Lost World show us 2 T-Rex

Jurassic Park III brings a Spinosaurus, able to kill a T-Rex (not judging if I agree or not)



Raptors can open doors on the first movie

On the second one they coordinates their attacks

The third one shows the raptors smartest than ever. They can make traps and communicate.


To me it look that both ideas are going to evolve for Jurassic World and they are going to be mixed up in a dinosaur that combines scale and intelligence: Utahraptor

King_of_Zombies ›

Provably the new dinosaur will be a small hunter, because T-Rex or Spinosaur can be scarier, but you know they are coming because the "PUM!" when they walk, a small dinosaur, Like an Eoraptor, Velociraptor, Troodon, Utahraptor, the little ones, who can appear an desappear in a second. that ones are more scarier.

muldoon ›

I don't know if I am reading into this too much, but at 12:02 Horner says that "He's just glad Alan Grant hasn't gotten eaten YET". Does this possibly mean that Alan (Sam Neil) makes an appearance in the film? I sure hope so :) 

Coder_X ›

I was thinking about this and actually it doesn't necessary have to be a carnivorous animal... an Ankylosaurus could be scary as well. If it's protecting her eggs in an area our protagonists have to pass through... it could smash her tail through a wall...

I'm not saying this will be the scary new dinosaur they're going to introduce, but maybe we should think outside the box?

Acrocanthosaurus-Rex ›

Therizinosaurus seems fairly scary to me, with the huge claws and all. It would be kool to see

Rex Fan 684 ›

Yeah, but it was a herbivore. It'd have to be defending a nest or something to make it a threat. 


Muldoon, that's actually a good point :)

Warden of Wisdom ›

I'm not really crazy about Troodon. A bit too small, I think Utahraptor would do very nicely, though. And if they wanted more room for creative liscence, a more obscure Dromaeosaurid like Achillobator would be awesome (a personal favorite of mine). As for larger Theropods, I'd be satisfied with any or the larger apex's, like Tyrannosaurus. It would be cool to see a mid-point of the two sizes as well, like Monolophosaurus.

Rex Fan 684 ›

I find Utahraptor too close to the Velociraptors already seen in the movie(both in size and general apperance). A mid-sized predator would be cool as a side threat(Ceratosaurus would be my first choice).


CommanderPhoenix ›

One word: Deinocheirus. beleived to be 11-12 feet tall at the HIP. Also beleived to be an ornithomimid, that world be a terrifying beast to behold.

DinoSteve93 ›

Ceratosaurus would be my first entry too. And I really think the new scary dinosaur will most likely be a carnivore theropod.

mecha mothra ›

I oringinally thouht that they would merge all of the dinosurs into 1 scary monster

indiana jones ›

Ummm excuse me... im new here but if i can have your atention...well its probably going to be troadon. i made this account just so i could say i would like the new scary dinosaur to be ceolophysis.(and maybe through in crolophosaurus ellito to) DOES ANYBODY AGREE?

indiana jones ›

i ment to say cryolophosaurus ellito

indiana jones ›

would anyone else like to see ceolophysis in jurassic world?

DinoSteve93 ›

I'd like, but it's very unlikely.


Ismael ›

toos ls dinosaurios mencionados son muy buenos candidatos pero nos estamos olvidando de los dinosaurios marinos, que tal si para esta pelicula buscan algo nuevo, algo diferente que en la otras peliculas no aya aparecido, como el liopleurodon, o el ictiosaurio o tros mas, es bastante probable.


dilophosaurus ›

they made a trailer and i saw a carnotaurus in it. so there's probably a carnotaurus in the movie


dilophosaurus ›

also carnotaurus is in the novel for jurassic park


dilophosaurus ›

i was joking its a fan trailer but the carnotaurus is in the novel


Spinolicious ›

The carnotaurus was in JP TLW novel but wasn't seen in the movie. Then we heard rumors that the carno would have a small apperence in JP lll but it was replaced by Cera.

So if the carno isn't in JW, I might just flip out!!!



The Living Jungle ›

I also hope it is Carnotaurus with the camo ablilty. They should also introduce Toodon, or some larger raptor. I really would like to see a water reptile as well. As for Rex vs Spino, we've had rex a lot, I'd really like to see Spinosaurus make a return.

Matthew Cuellar ›

Carnotaurus would be cool.  Troodon could be scary if done right, but I know Horner isn't referring to a mosasaur because, well, those aren't dinosaurs and Horner would not be calling them dinosaurs.  I honestly don't think we'll be able to guess accurately but the speculation is fun.

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