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Directed by Colin Trevorrow and starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson, Jurassic World will hit theaters June 12th, 2015.

Jurassic World: What We Know So Far

Author: Chris Picard | Nov-27-2013 10:47 PM

What do we really know about Jurassic World? Well, thanks to a recent tweet by director Colin Trevorrow, we now know that Jurassic World takes place 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park and that the film is aiming to be a 'sci-fi terror' adventure. Check out Trevorrow's tweet below:

Aside from its time period, the plot for Jurassic World is still unknown. Before the script for the film went through vigorous re-writes, Trevorrow had teased the prospect of returning to Isla Nublar – the island which the first Jurassic Park took place on. However, since the re-writes, it's unclear whether or not we will still be returning to Nublar or not.

This article will detail the (rumor-free) current, official facts surrounding the plot, cast, characters and dinosaurs of Jurassic World. Enjoy...

What do we know about the cast so far?

Currently, the only confirmed actors to have a part in Jurassic World are: Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson. Chris Pratt and Irrfan Khan are currently in talks for roles, but neither have announced their official involvement yet.

Josh Brolin was at one point in talks for the role Chris Pratt is now testing for, but Brolin abandoned the project in light of a more appealing opportunity with the next Star Wars film (reports suggest).

It's also worth noting that Idris Elba had been rumored to be in talks for a role in the film as well, but in a recent interview, Elba put those rumors to rest by denying any involvement with the project entirely – much to our disappointment, I might add.

Whether Pratt scores the role or not has yet to be seen, but his odds are sounding good from what we hear.

What do we know about the characters so far?

We only really have a rough idea of two of the characters which we'll see in Jurassic World. The first being Bryce Dallas Howard's character, whose name remains a mystery. But in term of her bio, what we know is that she's described as being a smart, corporate scientist.

The other character we're aware of is a 'rugged, ex-military type' named Owen, whose unknown plans are foiled by Bryce’s character. If Chris Pratt gets the role, this is the character he’s set to play.

Will any of the original Jurassic Park cast return in Jurassic World?

To be honest, nobody knows for sure. What we do know is that Laura Dern has confirmed she will not be returning in JW, while the possibility of seeing Jeff Goldblum return is more likely, especially after this recent interview he took part in. As far as Sam Neill is concerned, well, let's just say don't get your hopes up. Sam has neither confirmed or denied a possible return to the franchise, but from what we hear, his return is an unlikely one at this point.

What do we know about the Dinosaurs so far?

Unfortunately everyone involved on the Jurassic World bandwagon has remained tight-lipped when asked about what new and old Dinosaurs will be featured in the film. The only real information we've been given came to us from Jurassic Park Dinosaur consultant and Paleontologist Jack Horner, who recently reiterated in an interview that the new Dinosaur will scare the crap out of us. Horner was reluctant to provide any further hints as to what this new Dino could be.

As far as classic Dinosaurs go, it's safe to assume we'll be seeing a return of the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex, given its return to the title logo and the fact that Colin Trevorrow has expressed interest in this particular theropod.

Velociraptors would also be expected, but it is possible this new Dinosaur Horner has been teasing us with could overtake the 6 foot turkey in the new film as being the 'brains behind the operation'. Time will tell as more details are revealed.

What can we expect in terms of tone and homage to the previous films?

According to Jurassic World visual consultant Rick Carter, this fourth Jurassic Park film will have the 'same DNA' as the previous three films – meaning we can expect similar themes, cinematic experiences and scores in Jurassic World as we saw with the previous trilogy – nothing too outlandish. Basically, Jurassic World will be an evident addition to the Jurassic Park franchise and not its own, new entity.

What do we still need to know?

Well, there are many questions we still want answers to. Everyone involved in the project is remaining quiet and the level of secrecy surrounding this film are on par with other upcoming big blockbusters. We'll be stuck with rumors and fan concoctions for the next few months as filming gets under way, but hopefully soon, Trevorrow, Marshall or Universal will fill us in a little bit more on what to expect and what the film will ultimately be about.

In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on JurassicWorld-Movie.com for on-going news and updates as Jurassic World's production kicks into high gear. Also, don't forget to like us on Facebook, Google+ and follow our Twitter feed for more Jurassic Park / Jurassic World news and discussion - and for those hard core Jurassic Park fans out there, don't forget to check out our newly updated Jurassic World Movie Forums where you can discuss Jurassic World, the original JP trilogy as well as general Dinosaur related topics!

Jurassic World hits theaters June 12th, 2015 and we're assuming it will be in 3D.

Check back soon for more on Jurassic World!

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