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Jurassic Genetics - New 'Operation Genesis' Style Game in the Works! (Updated)

Author: Chris Picard | Dec-02-2013 10:12 PM

In addition to the excitement surrounding the development of Jurassic World, comes news of a new Jurassic Park game! Made in the same fashion as the hit PC Sim game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, this new game, entitled Jurassic Genetics seems to be the long-awaited sequel to Operation Genesis

The project is a non-profit, fan created game, based heavily on the gameplay and structure of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis in the sense that you will be able to control and manage the Dinosaurs of your park in a sim-style environment. A couple new features we noticed right off the bat were the apparent ability for your Dinosaurs to raise offspring and the massively improved visual graphics and terrain. Just have a look:

It's apparent that this will take the place of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis 2, since that sequel was never pursued. This non-profit project looks to be setting out to create one of the best, if not the best Jurassic Park game ever!

According to the official site for this game, a tech demo for the game will be available on January 1st, 2014. You can check out some Alpha footage for the game below, which shows off some of the graphics, Dino-dynamics and user interface:

It's unclear how well the interactions between Dinosaurs, offspring and the poor visitors will be. More info has yet to be revealed before we can make any assumptions, but so far the game is looking like it could be quite popular with fans who enjoyed playing Operation Genesis - I know I did way back when it came out!

As far as variety of Dinosaurs, it looks like the team are staying tru to the canon of Jurassic Park and featuring all of our favorites like T-Rex, Raptors, Stegosaurus, etc... Again, more info about the diversity of playable Dinosaurs and characters has yet to be released.


In the mean time, you can help support this fan project by liking their official Facebook Page, following them on Twitter and subscribing to them on YouTube! You can also bookmark their official website for more updates on the upcoming tech demo!

Special thanks to Deltadromeus in the forums for pointing this in our direction! We'll be sure to bring you more news and info on this game as it develops and as more info is released. 

Check back for more Jurassic Park and Jurassic Wold news, right here, on JurassicWorld-Movie.com!

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Comments (45)


Nice! That looks like a pretty solid game

Chris Picard ›

I know eh, looks pretty sweet! The graphics and new terrain look great. I remember playing JPOG ages ago, was an addicting game. Nice to see an updated approach to the concept. I hope Universal supports these guys, because this looks like a hell of a project.

Ghosty ›

I can definitely understand the graphical power and components put into this game. This is using the Crytek engine, a system given to PC users that made the Crysis games. All of which have argueably some of the best graphics and such to date. 

I bought the old JPOG but it wasn't compatible with my PS2 back in the day, which was terribly upsetting. Regardless though this and many other mods for great games such as Halo, I believe a Pacific Rim game and more are also being built. So I am excited to see a JP game that looks amazing coming as well~! 

Xmorency13 ›

Wow, I'm so happy to see that the Jurassic Park Franchise will regain it's glory just like when I was a child. This will bring good memories, i especially hope the movie will give important roles to T. Rex since it was and still is my favorite. Jurassic Park kind of disapear in the early 2000`s even before the third movie that was such a deception for me and some fans came out. Now we will have Jurassic World movie, a new toy line, a new game, this is going to be great. I really hope that all of this bring us back to the popularity that this Franchise had when I was young, with the Jurassic Park and The Lost World movies that are for me and still today my favorite movies ever. Hope the toys will follow the Kenner models and I'm sure this game will be awesome. Like I said, hope the kids of the new generation can enjoy the Jurassic Park glory like we did (90's kids).

Linkzilla ›

My, God... This can't be real! I must be dreaming! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! *heart attack*


*ahem* I am quite excited by this news.

'TurvyceraTopsid ›


If the AI is done right and done well I literally will die of starvation playing this game. Plus beautiful graphics????? Seriously kill me I'm in heaven. Whichever company owns the rights to JP (Universal) needs to fund this game and/or let it happen. I'm crazy crazy crazy excited and I cannot wait to play this game. 

dinoboy22 ›

its beautiful :')

Mr.Happy9097 ›

Looks awesome. I hope they release it for Xbox


cem ›


DinoSteve93 ›

This could truly be the best JP game ever! The graphics are stunning, the models too, and the ability to have offsprings intruiges me. The movement from the video seems a little odd, but I'm sure they'll repair that before release.

So, I can't wait (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!), and like MrHappy, I hope this will be playable on Xbox too.

DJ Frasersaurus ›

Awesome! When is it released and what platforms will it be on?

x_paden_x ›



finally the thing all have waited for for decades... ITS HERE...


welll almost....



Rex Fan 684 ›

Awesome. The first JPOG was fantastic(got it for PS2) and I can't wait for Operations. I like how the Tyrannosaurus' were living in families, not as solitary hunters like the first one.

Dinosaur.Fanatic ›

Does anyone know at this point what platforms the game will be released for?

CretaceousKid ›

Like this to me is almost as exciting as the actual movie its self :P i played countless hours of the original and i still play it every now and again one of the greatest games of my childhood.

P.S am i the only one who would block them in with mountains and watch stuff have the "death scenes" :P

Gojira2K ›

This game looks so cool!

x_paden_x ›

@Dinosaur.Fanatic Well... I'd imagine it would be on windows pc first, because its the easiest to set up games on, but over time and by the time its out of pre alpha in in alpha or beta it may be out on Mac, the other game consoles like x box wii playstation, will come online well after that, perhaps maybe 2015, JP4-- I mean JW is out, to coincide with the movie, COURSE it is also a fan "non-profit" game so... it may never hit consoles outside of the computer... or it might... time will tell...

Deltadromeus ›

Glad I could share this with you guys. I guess the coolness hasn't fully set in yet for me. I'm still hyped about DB, abut with these graphics, awesome gameplay (hopefully) and JURASSIC PARK relationship, it could be the coolest thing ever. I'm so getting the tech demo. 

Acrocanthosaurus-Rex ›

HOLY YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





LeonTai ›

this game is FREAKIN AwEsOmE!!!!!  

Is it comin out on pc?
i hope so


tyrant963 ›

Wow, I don't got Operation geneis.But I know I am getting that GAME!

tyrant963 ›

Wow, I don't got Operation geneis.But I know I am getting that GAME!

Jwhite ›

Not this game again! lol.These guys are rip-offs,the models they use just come from Poser! they're on youtube for free.If they use them in a game they will get sued to oblivion apparently you need a liscense.More- proof

Sniper ›

@Jwhite:Intresting that since that the prehistoric preserve dont do anything.and in the jpo the most of the modells are remaked.just look their facebook page

Jwhite ›

I didnt mention prehistoric preserve,almost all of JPO's dinosaur models come from a set called Daz3d dinosaur bundle and predator vs prey bundle,give them a google and compare to jpo's facebook,they are clearly trying to take credit for these and without a license to use them they could get sued.

The Dilophosaurus comes from turbosquid,they even used the creators renders and put there logo on it.

Can all be seen here - http://imgur.com/5zmIn2A


Sniper ›

and where you know that they dont ask the modell's creators?

Jwhite ›

They didnt ask to use this persons http://username1-0-1.deviantart.com/journal/?offset=1

The game would be PC only because Cryengine sdk free can only export for pc I think.

DinoSteve93 ›

I can say JPO is not fake. It is a true project that will end up becoming reality. About the models, we're using our own, as most of them are created by team members. There are some cases we use someone else's work, but ALWAYS WITH PERMITION!

Source: I am myself a concept artist and modeler for the game.

Jwhite ›

umm check out the link 2 posts up,they arent your models.They are Daz3d dinosaur models that are being edited in a sculpt program,do you have a indie game license to use them? because you cant share a 3d mesh of a product without one and they will most likley sue you (using your facebook as evidence for starters).

Rex Fan 684 ›

How about this, it's one person's word against another's. So, why don't we simply wait to see what happens? 

DinoSteve93 ›

Right. We'll see. ;)

mattwilson ›


I am the leader of Jurassic Park Operations and I would like to tell @Jwhite , that we are not using anyone's models. Have a look on the FB page before posting hehe.

Anyways, download our sneak peak of how the island in the tech demo will look like:


Matthew Wilson

Hardrisour Hero ›

come and look and mabye add stuff t my new disscusion on jpo

Rex Fan 684 ›

Cool stuff Matt Wilson. Can't wait for it.

Jwhite ›

If you arent using anyones models what about the Daz3d models? I noticed all posts with them have dissapeared hehe.

Hardrisour Hero ›

this is a hatcherey dinosteve found on my disscusion


Hardrisour Hero ›

Jwhite ›

it's nice,looks a little squashed length wise though (the gap between the electric pole parts,that could be the images though since i noticed the logo is squashed too).I wonder now that they changed names and are no longer jp operations how can they change these models designs.

Airman Allo ›

I am always hesitant about fan created projects due to the fact that they usually lack qualities that completely finalize and maintain the consistency of the gameplay (I.e. Game feeling like you are always playing a demo even though it is completed and seemingly unfixable glitches.) Other than that I will definitely be giving it a try because Operation Genesis is my favorite game of all time.

Hardrisour Hero ›

Also where is the thi that feeds the dinos,or will that just be on the other side

ps i cant get on the official website or the facebookpage

Hardrisour Hero ›

News update: the game is no longer jurassic park operations, it is now jurassic genetics

joshua gwynne ›

This Is Cool!!!!!!!!!!!This Is Cool

Sniper ›

i hope that this bad guy will be in the game:

oh and just a quick question:the megalodon is still in the game?

because i dont want to see an other off theme game like jurassic park builder.

hussein ›

cant wait for it to be relised tomoro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

future_Dr_alan_grant ›

so the link to download the game is right under its decription right?

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