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Directed by Colin Trevorrow and starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson, Jurassic World will hit theaters June 12th, 2015.

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DD9097LS Round 2 Bonus Fight

The Rex vs Spino rematch will be AFTER the finale and before the big bonus fight with. Rex, Giga, Carchar, ...

2 Replies

Jurassic World Revisting Isla Nublar. But Also Someplace Else?

Jurassic Park Legacy posted this on facebook and it really got my gears turning.  "Empire teases that ...

3 Replies

10 List of new Dinosaurs on Jurassic World

hey, i've now had 10 Species of new Prehistoric Creature in JW

8 Replies

New Jurassic Park Steelbook

I saw they're releasing a new Steelbook for Jurassic Park that looks pretty fantastic!  

1 Replies

The Legacy of Raptor401: The Next Generation: Chapter 8 FINAL CHAPTER

No proofreader again. Note that as I said before, the series would and will end abrubtly. This is j...

13 Replies

Prehistoric Fight Association (PFA) Season 1 Fight 1

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first fight here inthe Prehistoric Fight Association! We put two of the...

3 Replies

Island Survival: Chapter Three- The Mysterious "Sin".

     As Nnja and I slept in our new home on the island, I heard a screech. I passed it ...

3 Replies

Chapter 10

Chapter 10   Raising Storm    ...

5 Replies

Frank Marshall's "Big News" Announced

The "Big News" that Frank Marshall hinted at yesterday wasn't the teaser trailer like some of us had hoped,...

2 Replies

Jurassic World Sequel(s) Planned. Animatronic Dinosaurs Also Confirmed.

So I woke up this morning around ten and was still surprisingly tired.  I went on facebook and Jurassi...

4 Replies

Round 2 of Isla Pelea

This is going to be round two. The winners from the last round will fight against the other winners from th...

13 Replies

DD9097LS Round 2 Finale

DD9097LS Round 2 Finale: Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Carcharodontosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex

10 Replies

Clash of tyrants: Fight 5

Lythronax vs Albertosaurus Lythronax

6 Replies

How did you become a regular?

Well lately these days all that people have been talking about is war. Everyone is saying they have this an...

23 Replies

Yutyrannus: Allosaur or Tyrannosaur?

Read something on Scott Hartmans Deviant art stating Yutyrannus was a species of allosaur. And, up...

10 Replies

Lightning Moves

(Quetzal screech)   Me:*yawn* I walk to the kitchen to make breakfast I...

4 Replies

My Army For "The War"

Now, I only feel it is fair to provide both DAF and the Rebellion with the breakdown of my military. I'm an...

23 Replies

? vs. ?

Giganotosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus

11 Replies

The Tyrant's Roar: Chapter 10

School has taken up a lot of time, but more chapters on their way!   Chapter 10: ...

5 Replies

DD9097LS Round 2 Fight 2

DD9097LS Round 2 Fight 2: Tarbosaurus vs Titnovenator Tarbosaurus

6 Replies

Dinosaur Revelation : Mystery of North American Giants

North America, most of you think that this contiment is the land where everything was Big, well.... 65 Mili...

4 Replies

Clash of the Tyrants: fight 4

Nanuqsaurus Vs Nanotyrannus Nanuqsaurus

6 Replies

Chapter 9

Chapter 9   Storm  ...

10 Replies

DD9097LS Round 2 Fight 1

DD9097LS Round 2 Fight 1: Zhuchengtyrannus vs Giganotosaurus Zhuchengtyrannus

10 Replies

*News Update on the War*

This is a news breifing for all who will be taking part in this war.  

90 Replies
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2 replies
DD9097LS Round 2 Bonus Fight

Apr-24-2014 4:30 AM

8 replies
10 List of new Dinosaurs on Jurassic World

Apr-23-2014 7:29 PM

1 replies
New Jurassic Park Steelbook

Apr-23-2014 7:19 PM

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