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Directed by Colin Trevorrow and starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson, Jurassic World will hit theaters June 12th, 2015.

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DD9097LS Round 2 Fight 1

DD9097LS Round 2 Fight 1: Zhuchengtyrannus vs Giganotosaurus Zhuchengtyrannus

0 Replies

*News Update on the War*

This is a news breifing for all who will be taking part in this war.  

14 Replies

DD9097LS Round 1 Bonus Fight

DD9097LS Round 1 Bonus Fight   Tyrannosaurus Rex

7 Replies

Chapter 8

Chapter 8   Peace At Last   Althoug...

8 Replies

Favorite Tyrannosaur Reconstructions?

Whilst derping around the internet while my 2 year old eats all of his candy, i found some pretty sick Tyra...

11 Replies

What two dinosaurs would you mash together?

As the title says, what would your combo be? *Any dino regardless *flying and marine reptil...

10 Replies

Everything Dinosaurs Addition

The Everything Dinosaurs family just grew. My site Everything Dinosaurs Weebly just got a sister site. Intr...

17 Replies

John Williams to Score Jurassic World!

With all the exciting news coming about Jurassic World as it has started filming, I think this is probably ...

4 Replies

Clash of the Tyrants: fight 2

Teratophoneus vs Gorgosaurus   Gorgosaurus

3 Replies

The Legacy of Raptor401: The Next Generation: Chapter 7

No proofreader again. This chapter will also be kind of short. CHAPTER 7

15 Replies

What we want in Prehistoric Kingdom

This is what we want in the new game Prehistoric Kingdom and hopefully get added. What I want is no limits ...

3 Replies

Clash of the Tyrants: fight 1

New series opened up just for Hail to the king week! Every day or so, i will post a fight scenario ...

11 Replies

Compy Training

Compy Training, Day 1 0600 hours The Compies have waken up on schedule. Claw is a good lead...

14 Replies

? vs. Mapusaurus

I probably should've mentioned this earlier, but anyway, I use the max sizes for all the normal dinosaurs, ...

8 Replies

World Peace

My comrades, do not let fear infect your brave souls. Look into the eyes of the enemy and laugh at them, fo...

16 Replies

The Last and Final Warning

All of you people of the Rebellion have been given fair warning. As of right now, it has officially been co...

123 Replies

Scorn, my Giganotosaurus

I little while back, I was at my house. Just relaxing watching Jurassic Park and suddenly I was attacked by...

11 Replies

Meet Quetzal

Hey guys some of you don't notice but while I was out on the plain a T-Rex attacked me! I thought it was th...

2 Replies

Island Survival: Chapter Two-Survival with my Raptor

     I was sitting down with the Utahraptor at my side. We stayed there for about ten m...

3 Replies

The Rise to Power of Lieutenant 9097

The Rise to Power of Lieutenant 9097 It had been a silent day in Canada. I was home alone sometime ...

16 Replies

Things You Must Have for War

So, I have started a war. (Well, technically.) So, I decided things you NEED for Wartime! &...

23 Replies

Army Analysis 's


8 Replies

Join the DAF!

Do you want freedom? Do you want to live in peace? Then join the Dinosaur A

5 Replies

On Your Knees

This is commander, no, ahem, Lord, no still not right, Emperor Delta speaking Ya, that sounds nice. 

19 Replies

Chapter 7

Chapter 7   A Nasty Surprise   As t...

9 Replies
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DD9097LS Round 2 Fight 1

Apr-21-2014 3:43 AM

14 replies
*News Update on the War*

Apr-20-2014 8:59 PM

7 replies
DD9097LS Round 1 Bonus Fight

Apr-20-2014 6:26 PM

8 replies
Chapter 8

Apr-20-2014 6:07 PM

11 replies
Favorite Tyrannosaur Reconstructions?

Apr-20-2014 11:12 AM

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tyrantlizardking sup people
Godzilla Well, Easter is over, meaning it's once again OK to ask Godzilla Questions on Ask Godzilla.
x_paden_x There is reasons they Copyright material.
x_paden_x Or, Don't leak anything at all...
junkerde yep spacegodzilla2 got the legal hammer brought down by warner bros. I suggest if anyone is gonna leak anything, do it anonymously.
x_paden_x There's a News Update On the Dinosaur war... lets watch!
Chris Picard Hey folks, please don't share the link for that leaked wondercon footage on the forums. Thank you!

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