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Directed by Colin Trevorrow and starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson, Jurassic World will hit theaters June 12th, 2015.

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Upcoming dinosaur game you don't wanna miss

Hey guys, I just wanna share with you some of the coolest upcoming game with dinosaur that I'm sure you gon...

1 Replies

Coming soon..

A project weeks in the making, i bring to you... All in the family

1 Replies

New Jurassic World still featuring Chris Pratt!

A new still has been released for Jurassic World featuring Jurassic World. Check it out!

5 Replies

Favorite Prehistoric Reptiles

What the name says. As for the categories, they are thyreophora(armored herbivorous dinos), ornithopoda(had...

9 Replies

A real documented Predator vs Predator

So I got this idea when I was, looking through old topics, and I saw a topic dinofights posted about his si...

14 Replies

Jurassic World dawn of chaos part 1, life will not be contained

Well done to the people who guessed the dinosaur correctly, although only one of you put a suggesti...

2 Replies

Giant Kenyan Abelisaur

You guys know him by "Titanovenator Kenyaensis" here. Well, i've been doing some digging around fo...

7 Replies

Scarface's 90 MYA ancestors story: Chapter 5

HookJaw looked around, Bull was gone, HookJaw left. Blade and Pradera looked down in horror, their parents ...

4 Replies

Survival of the Fittest Season 1 Fight 1

Epanterias Amplexus

9 Replies

Fire the prehistoric legend of Utah chapter 4

Five years have passed since Fire and his brothers left their parents forever.One day,it was a dark night.F...

3 Replies

Suchomimus vs Bistahieversor


7 Replies

guess the dinosaur

As you know, I have been writing a series of stories caled Jurassic World raptor evolution story, and when ...

4 Replies

Heavy Metal Match-Up

Now here's a fight I had planned for a while now and it's finally here! Not your typical Dino vs Dino fight...

16 Replies

Big Announcement

So as the title says, i have a huge announcement for you guys.   Survival of t...

10 Replies

Dinosaur Fallout: Chapter 10

Chapter 10   Plans For Destruction  

7 Replies

Fire the prehistoric legend of Utah

Fire,his brothers and his father were just wandering around a forest.Fire was still thinking about the hunt...

5 Replies

Scarface's 90 MYA ancestors story: Chapter 4

Crusher, charged his eyes full of fury! HookJaw charged as well. When they collided the ground shook, both ...

5 Replies

JW mosasaur design

Ok, so, as we all know, JW will feature Mosasaurus. And, Universal considers the Telltale game canon. So, w...

2 Replies

Top 10 Dinosaur Movie Characters

So which were the best dinosaurs in movie history? Here are the top 10...   10. Little...

36 Replies

Dinosaur of Day 7/29/14

Elaphrosaurus   Length: 20 ft long   Weight: 550 pounds &...

12 Replies

Titanoboa vs T.rex video

Found this I think it's pretty cool. 

32 Replies
16 Replies

Dinosaur Fallout: Chapter 9

Chapter 9   Showdown   Led was runn...

10 Replies

Scarface's 90 MYA ancestors story: Chapter #3

Flor ran through the thick forest, she ran into the clearing but, to her horror the sauropods were still st...

8 Replies

Fire the prehistoric legend of Utah chapter 2

Fire and his brothers were learning how to hunt down their prey because today they were going to learn how ...

5 Replies
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Coming soon..

Jul-31-2014 8:37 PM

9 replies
Favorite Prehistoric Reptiles

Jul-31-2014 4:25 PM

14 replies
A real documented Predator vs Predator

Jul-31-2014 3:37 PM

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