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Directed by Colin Trevorrow and starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson, Jurassic World will hit theaters June 12th, 2015.

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DDD: Fight 6- Dilophosaurus vs. Monolophosaurus

Let's look at our contestants:   Monolophosaurus

4 Replies

Rex versus Spino (AN epic battle!!!) By Rex Fan and Raptor-401

(BY REX FAN 684 and RAPTOR-401 More credits at the end)  

24 Replies

And the winner is...

PrimalKing for his rex feeding show drawing! ...

5 Replies

Story of a Superpredator: Last Chance to Join

     As I said earlier, the contest will end Spetember 30th, but now is the last chance...

0 Replies

Five Nights at Jurassic World

    Hello there. My twin sister recently introduced me to a relatively new computer game kno...

51 Replies

Spinosaurus On Everything Dinosaurs Updated

Based on the recent finds dealing with Spinosaurus, I felt it was a good idea to update the Spinosaurus pag...

23 Replies

1000th Post

Well, I didn't expect it to be this soon. I just now noticed that I'm over the 1000 mark, well, I'll try to...

11 Replies

the adventures of Robert Muldoon and his magical short-shorts! ep 4 "geuss who's comming to town!"

Robert Muldoon and Gerry Harding were racing back to the visitor center on Muldoon's pink mustach jeep. Ger...

5 Replies



17 Replies

the adventures of Robert Muldoon and his magical short-shorts! ep 3 "My secret ring tone!"

Robert Muldoon crept around the side of the boat. He searched for higher ground to look for Dennis Nedry, b...

10 Replies

Upcoming Fight Series: DD9097FF

DD9097FF Information and Schedule   Well, I was bored, so I came up with this fight se...

13 Replies

Jurassic World Toys?

 Hello everyone I was looking around for some future Jurassic World mervhandise when I found this:...

7 Replies

Theropod arm strength

Ok this is a list of the theropods with the strongest to weakest arms.

20 Replies

Future of my Series, Tips, and Riders

Okay, this time I am going to break it up:   Riders Still goi...

10 Replies

FBR Monthly Update For September 2014

I'M STILL ALIVE!   HALLA   *For those of you placing bets... Stop...

7 Replies

MD vs. MM season 1 ep2 mini argentinosaurs vs hyena clan

mini argentinosaurus 20 feet long weight:2 tons height: 13 feet weapons: to...

13 Replies

Re-analysis of Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

Something i had to do for my Paleoecology class, as these new remains have caused quite a bit of a stir in ...

23 Replies

5000th Post Fight: Razor vs Phantom Rematch

5000th Post: Phantom vs Razor 2 If you're wondering who Phantom and Razor are, here's the link to t...

11 Replies

Dinosaurs vs Fiction Episode 3

8 Replies

the adventures of Robert Muldoon and his magical short-shorts! ep 2 "Oh that Nedry!"

Robert Muldoon was sitting in his office, it read PARK WARDENS OFFICE. He was starring at a magazien that w...

11 Replies

My actual art contest entry

Ok so heres what happened. When I first read SciFi King's thread I liked the ideas but wasnt planning on dr...

6 Replies

Jurassic World Ceratosaurus Paddock

Made for Jurassic World. Speculative art of the Ceratosaur Paddock.   CONFIDENTIAL: CE...

30 Replies

Bonus Fight Sneak Peek

Hi everyone!  I recently posted saying I am going to be continuing Brutal Battlegrounds. But b...

7 Replies

First and Newest Discussions- How have YOU changed?

Okay so just a while ago I came up with a cool idea, I am going to compare my first discussion on the forum...

31 Replies

Spinosaurus: My Analysis

We all know about the new Spinosaurus finds. We also know about its new quadrupedal reconstruction. However...

40 Replies
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5 replies
And the winner is...

Sep-15-2014 4:49 PM

51 replies
Five Nights at Jurassic World

Sep-15-2014 2:41 PM

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Gman2887 It's the only one I can't confirm since I don't have a 3D player or TV, but it's what reviews have been saying.
Gman2887 Yes and no Durp. I'm no fan of 3D in any film really, but apparently the actual 3D disc is closest in quality to the theatrical presentation.
Raptor-401 Rex vs. Spino by me and Rex Fan was a HUGE success!!!
Durp004 3d*
Durp004 thankfully the 3 didnt make much of a difference so you wont be missing much
Gman2887 Bluray 3D discs can only be played on 3D Bluray players and applied to 3D TVs.
Gman2887 Gorilla, then you can't really use the 3D disc.

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