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Directed by Colin Trevorrow and starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson, Jurassic World will hit theaters June 12th, 2015.

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Hope you all enjoyed your first day of school...

SO I realised that for pretty much all of the regulars here it's the first day of school, which can be anny...

2 Replies

I'm back! (for now)

I was gone for quite a while because we moved and now I won't have Internet until the end of september (rou...

17 Replies

Jurassipark podcast episode#2 has arrived

Follow @Jp_till_i_die    Click the link to listen 

1 Replies

Prehistoric Kingdom Tech Demo Trailer

It is here! :D Check it out! ...

5 Replies

Top ten most successful dinosaur family's

I'm going to state this now in order to avoid problems, this list doesn't mean that certen family's of dino...

16 Replies

Follow Jurassipark podcast on twitter

@Jp_till_i_die Or        Jurassipark podcast + podcasts + JW up...

2 Replies

Cretaceous Carnage #6

Haven't really been active, had to deal with some things. I'll work on the fights  i owe to this and t...

92 Replies

My Rider

I was debating on whether or not I should share my rider with you all, but I figured at this point it could...

18 Replies

Clash of Aquatic Titans: Kronosaurus vs Brygmophyseter

Kronosaurus vs Brygmophyseter

12 Replies

Di Or Die #4

HEllo Guys And Welcome Again on this Episode Of Do Or Die :   SCENARIO :

8 Replies


Well... While Browsing my twitter, I found this interesting Gem.   This is the Highest...

9 Replies

RIDERS+3000th Post

Okay, now so far for F of the A Riders we have these people joining in: MR. HAPPY 9097

12 Replies

SF Season 1 Fight 5

This Fight is being Reviewed by FBR For Submition into the team. Welcome to Survival of the Fitte...

10 Replies

Jurassic "universe" podcast

Hi everyone , myself and stevenhurrell also a member on here, have put together a podcast only short episod...

3 Replies

Clash of Aquatic Titans: Dunkleosteus vs Pliosaurus

Dunkleosteus vs Pliosaurus

16 Replies

The Prehistoric Americas episode 6: Costal killers

230 million years ago, it seemed as if reptiles were invincible. Then a new species came on the scene, the ...

5 Replies

Jurassic World Tribute Poster - Final Version

As the description states, I made some noticible changes to my original Dino-inspired tribute theatrical po...

7 Replies

Pistticasaurus sibling babysitting babies!

Futurity: Reasearch News piss...

8 Replies

Awesome 'Jurassic World' Fan Art!

Saw this just now and thought I would share it. Don't know who the artist is but I did link the source in c...

12 Replies

HOW TO JOIN Fight of the Ages: Riders!!! (Check for updates)

Okay, now that we have Part I of the King done, we can now officially begin the entries for F of the A: Rid...

21 Replies

Theropod Size Comparison I Made

I made this a while ago and many of the "older" members probably remember it, but I figured I'd share it wi...

12 Replies

torvosaurs vs human

my new series starts now..... MD vs. MM mini torvosaurs this individual is a grown male.......

25 Replies

New Clash of Season

After 4 seasons, the Clash of Series returns! We've had Clash of Titans, Clash of Contemporaries, Clash of ...

10 Replies

Spinosaurus Behavior Discussion (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOJIRA2K!)

Spinosaurus Behavior Discussion (HAPPY B-DAY GOJIRA2K!)   Happy Birthday to Gojira2K!!...

10 Replies

Really Cool Fan Teaser


8 Replies
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17 replies
I'm back! (for now)

Sep-02-2014 8:35 AM

1 replies
Jurassipark podcast episode#2 has arrived

Sep-02-2014 7:12 AM

5 replies
Prehistoric Kingdom Tech Demo Trailer

Sep-02-2014 6:02 AM

16 replies
Top ten most successful dinosaur family's

Sep-01-2014 10:59 AM

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