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Directed by Colin Trevorrow and starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson, Jurassic World will hit theaters June 12th, 2015.

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New series.

New fight series!! It is mammals vs dinos.... Well mini dinosaurs , they are much smaller so they can be a ...

10 Replies


Hello everyone! I have returned to this forum world, after being on a long vacation and taking care...

9 Replies

The King: Chapter 5: Smile

Chapter 5 12:30 AM. James wasn’t able to fall asleep, so he pulled out his l...

30 Replies

Cretaceous Carnage #5


14 Replies

Would the Name Dinosaur Need to Change?

This may be a controversal topic but with more and more evidence supporting the ideaof dinosaurs being anci...

11 Replies

torvosaurs arm strength

sorrry guys about the multible thread... ok. so torvosaurs were quite bulky theropods. so im sure t...

4 Replies

Mashables: Ep:1 :M*A*S*H Meets JP

So.   This is A project I've been thinking of for a while.   

13 Replies

Torvosauras, specialized or genralized?

I think it is a s generalized a hunter because it gas all the adaptations for hunting anything it wanted. T...

7 Replies

The Prehistoric Americas Episode 4: enter the Cretaceous

230 million years ago, it seemed as if reptiles were invincible. Then a new species came on the scene, the ...

5 Replies

History/What is an Ultra Predator redone

History of the of the Ultra Predators The King is the oldest of an ancient race...

1 Replies

SF Random Fight: Nanotyrannus vs. Gorgosaurus

This Fight is being Reviewed by FBR For Submition into the team. Welcome to another SF r...

7 Replies

Allosaurs true bite force.

this was briught up several times in orher topics and i want it setteld for good.I mean how strong in pound...

3 Replies

What was the first piece of Palaeontology you read/watched?

As the Title Suggest.    What was the First book or Movie You ever recall about D...

13 Replies

Cretaceous carnage #4


8 Replies

The Spinosaurus

Oh, what a great dinosaur to talk about! And also a great conversation topic! Well, im going to let you guy...

147 Replies

JW Fanart Contest

Hey Guys, I got 2 more pieces of news about next year's  dino blockbuser. But, I'm not giving them out...

10 Replies

Demon the Carnotaurus Chapter 8

     The cave was damp and long. Demon followed the cave down until the lights from the heli...

3 Replies

Raptor bike chase?

I heard an interview from 2005 from Seven Spielberg saying that he was planning a pack of raptors chasing s...

9 Replies

The King: Chapter 4: The Horror Within The Computer

Chapter 4 Ryan walked into Fernando’s room, and saw that Fernando’s co...

14 Replies

An Origin story.

*I mentioned posting it as a discussion in Rexfans discussion. Here it is.*    

8 Replies

Dino Storm reviews

I am thinking about getting a profile for Dino Storm and I'm not sure if I am going to like it or not. And ...

7 Replies

Did hysilophodontids like dryosaurus have feathers.

Because hears someone say that they were but I never believed them. is this true? did they ...

6 Replies

How'd You Get Here And Why Did You Stay

I saw this question raised on another forum and thought it would be interesting to do here too. So how'd yo...

33 Replies

What's Bigger?

I'm getting confused.   I always wondered what is bigger?   Epant...

7 Replies

Do Or Die #3

Hello again, and welcome to this episode of Do Or Die :  

9 Replies
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10 replies
New series.

Aug-29-2014 3:52 AM

9 replies

Aug-28-2014 8:59 PM

30 replies
The King: Chapter 5: Smile

Aug-28-2014 5:36 PM

14 replies
Cretaceous Carnage #5

Aug-28-2014 5:35 PM

11 replies
Would the Name Dinosaur Need to Change?

Aug-28-2014 3:21 PM

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